Thunderbird Cafe

154 Featherston Street, Wellington

About Thunderbird

(04) 499 1966

Our Story

Welcome to the island of colour in the otherwise grey landscape of Wellington CBD.

Heaps of specials for under $20 per person. Call, or drop in and ask for Emi to plan the perfect party!!!

Thunderbird is a café started almost 7 years ago with the intention of offering something a little different, a little quirky, and definitely a little bit strange compared to your usual capital fare. We are proud to provide a southern American, south o’ the border menu with a sprinkle of Kiwi bogan standards. We are an eatery that’s a jack of all trades. You want an alcoholic milkshake? Fried chicken & curly fry burrito all neatly wrapped up and deep fried some more? Wellington brewed beer? Organic juices? Or would you just like a flat white, no sugar?

Have a browse through our menus, there’s bound to be something that takes your fancy!

Our Menu


Toasted Muesli


Bacon 'n Egg Buttie


Southern Fried Chicken

Kids Menu

Pippi's Picklets


Toast n Spreads